Puppy Perfection


The most influential part of a dog's life, is built on the foundation work that a puppy receives from the first breath that it takes, to the first time it opens its eyes, walks on the floor, sees a crate for the first time, its first time at home by itself, or first trip in the car. We expect a lot from our dogs from a young age, things that we'd never expect from any other form of pet, yet these little animals just want reassurance, fun and to be comfortable at home and in your family. We all have an idea of a dog that socialises well with other dogs and humans, doesn't try and chew its way out of a room or crate when it's left, responds to simple commands that you give, and yet so often, the foundation work isn't put in correctly which inadvertently results in challenging behaviour. Dogs learn by association from the word go. For example, putting it in the crate just because it's performed an undesired behaviour means it'll only associate that crate with bad things. Just like children, a puppy's brain is a 'sponge'; give it clean water to soak up, clean water comes out when we need it. However, on the contrary, give a sponge dirty water to soak up, it's just dirty water that comes out. We're here to help you give your puppy those perfect foundations. 

What do our Puppy Perfection classes involve?   

  • perfect foundations
  • stages and senses
  • the common pitfalls
  • important first exercises
  • common new owner issues
  • helping the nervous puppy

These courses can be booked as soon as you have your new puppy...plan ahead to create a perfect puppy!