1:1 training

  • Is your dog a chronic puller?
  • Are you worried about whether a class situation might be too intimidating for you and/or your dog?

Sometimes your needs are more specific to fit in with a class environment.  This is when a 121 session might suit you better.  

121 sessions are planned and delivered with yours and your dogs needs at heart.  They are a bespoke option to the all important skills needed to create a perfect harmony between you and your canine companion.


Katimba Canines are trained and experienced in dealing with a wide range of behavioural issues.  We strongly believe in a behaviourist approach to training and will only use kind and positive methods to help you achieve results.  These sessions are 1.5 hours long. 

Please contact us for more information.

Also available:

  • Puppy consultations and socialisation advice (before your new family addition can leave the comfort of your home).  Is your new puppy biting?  Are you struggling with toilet training?  Then this option might be great for you.