About us

Photo courtesy of whitefeather photography

Photo courtesy of Whitefeather photography

Who's who at Katimba Canines?

We are a small family business with you and your dogs happiness at heart.  


Sam has trained and competed with dogs for 25 years in a variety of disciplines including breed showing, obedience, agility, Scentwork and most recently Rally, using only positive reinforcement methods with her dogs.  Sam currently owns four dogs of her own. Three Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Tollers) and a Border Collie.  Sam's proudest moment in her career has to be competing at Crufts every year since 1994, coming away with more than a few red ribbons.  The most recent event was the Obreedience team event at Crufts 2015.  


After marrying Sam in 2009, Ben has become as much of a dog nut as his wife.  He is also a Accredited TDS handler. Ben now proudly works with his best friend and canine companion Gizmo, a partnership to be proud of.

Ava and Myla

In this family, the love of dogs doesn't stop at the adults.  Ava has had numerous achievements in dog handling at the tender age of 4!  She is certainly a handler to watch in the future.

Myla enjoys the company of the dogs and enjoys a warm snuggle on the sofa when it's time to relax.